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          Giornale Italo Americano                                                   Italian American Journal

                    January ( 18 ) Gennaio               Italian and English
                         Edition III                                FREE                                                      2018

             Servicing: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Long Island, Florida, California, Boston, Switzerland and Italy

           GENTILONI: “PD PERNO SINISTRA                                         STATEMENT FROM ANGELO VIVOLO, PRESIDENT

               GOVERNO NON CE N'È ALTRI”                                           OF COLUMBUS HERITAGE COALITION INC., ON

                                                                                   MAYOR DE BLASIO’S ADVISORY COMMISSION

                                                                                     ON CITY ART, MONUMENTS AND MARKERS

                                                                                        NEW YORK, NY      lumbus Circle. Christopher   hero in a negative light is
               Rivendica i       in campo in vista del voto   che si candida a governare   - Heritage and traditions   Columbus exemplifies who   unwelcome and offensive.
        risultati del suo governo e   di marzo e sottolinea che   il Paese. "Oggi - scandisce   are what built America.   we are and what we had to   That action would sym-
        di quello Renzi il premier   il Pd è l'unico perno di una    (continua a pagina 2)  America’s diversity is   overcome as a community,   bolize a threat to every
        Paolo Gentiloni che entra   coalizione di centrosinistra                 manifest in the varied im-  and that is why keeping the  ethnic group in our nation
                                                                                 migrant communities who   statue of him in place is so   that wishes to publically
                                                                                 honor their ancestral heroes  critical.          commemorate one of their
         MACRON A ROMA, VEDE MATTARELLA E  through celebrations,                                                 We also com-     own.     As Italian-

                                                                                                          mend the Commission for
                                                                                 monuments and otherwise.
         GENTILONI. PREMIER: "CON IL TRATTATO                                    As members of the Italian-  supporting an Indigenous   Americans, we will avail
                                                                                                          Peoples’ statue in Cen-
                                                                                 American community, we
                                                                                                                                  ourselves of any and all
         PIÙ FORTI I RAPPORTI CON LA FRANCIA"                                    are committed to protecting  tral Park to display their   legal, political, and legisla-
                                                                                                          heritage and tell their story.  tive initiatives to challenge
                                                                                 and preserving our past.
                                                                                        We applaud        We strongly believe that   any attempts made to alter
                                                                                 today’s recommendation   everyone’s heritage should   the Christopher Columbus
                                                                                 from the Mayoral Advisory   be honored and hailed.   statue, which has univer-
                                                                                 Commission on City Art,         However, the     sally served as a symbol of
                                                                                 Monuments and Markers    recommendation to create   ethnic pride to all genera-
                                                                                 to preserve the Christopher   a plaque near the Colum-  tions of Italian-Americans.
                                                                                 Columbus statue at Co-   bus statue that depicts our   Angelo Vivolo
                                                                                 RELATIONS WITH FRANCE STRONGER
                                                                                        WITH NEW TREATY-GENTILONI

               Il presidente fran-  turali Dario Franceschini   della mattinata di Macron      Rome - Premier   treaty Rome and Paris are   Thursday. "I think it is very
        cese Emmanuel Macron,    hanno visitato la Domus   nella Capitale.       Paolo Gentiloni said rela-  working on after meet-  important that we have
        il premier Paolo Gentiloni   Aurea di Roma, come    (continua a pagina 2)  tions with France will be   ing French President    (continued on page 2)
        e il ministro dei Beni cul-  seconda tappa dell'agenda                   stronger thanks to a new   Emmanuel Macron on
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